CoderDojo Votanikos

CoderDojo Votanikos is a volunteering and free coding club for children. It is a part of CoderDojo global community, that helps children learn technology through game and creation.

CoderDojo Votanikos’ predecessor was “Coyote Project” which started in September 2007. A small group of children were introduced into electronics with Arduino. In September 2018 the group got wider and we focused on Raspberry Pi.

In October 2018, Coyote Project and Upthink created Coyote@Upthink dojo in Votanikos (Athens), which later was renamed to CoderDojo Votanikos.

In February 2019 CoderDojo Votanikos was moved to a new venue (Leschi Filias Votanikou).

Important 2019-2020 moments

October 2019: Participation in European Code Week with three events.
October 2019: Co-operation with irish Club Cois Barry on event “Pi Cousins” (common Scratch Studio with common-themed projects).
October 2019: Co-operation with irish Code Club Cois Barry and dutch CoderDojo Kennenmeerwald on Gem activity.
November 2019: “Electronics Learning Path” is created and followed in CoderDojo sessions.
December 2019: “Hour of Code” common event with NPO “People Behind”
February 2020: Participation in Astro Pi Competition (Mission Zero) in collaboration with CoderDojo Iraq

Important 2018-2019 moments

November 2018: CoderDojo Gratitude Competition (runner-up’s)
December 2018: “Hour of Code” event
December 2018: Connection with CoderDojo Kennenmeerwald (Netherlands)
March 2019: Participation in Astro Pi Competition (Mission Zero) of Raspberry Pi Foundation and ESA
April 2019: Collaboration with the University of Thessaly for European contest “Climate Detectives”
June 2019: 1st Greek Contest for Open Technologies of EELLAK (among first three independent primary-school-age teams)

The team


Manos Zeakis [Champion]
Physicist / Radioelectrology Engineer
Raspberry Pi, Python, Scratch, Arduino
Katerina Petridou [Co-Champion]
Physicist, MSC in Energy
Arduino, MicroBit, C++, Python
Valantis Chatzimagkas [Mentor]
Informatics and Computer Engineer, MSc in Web intelligence
Python, C, Raspberry Pi, ESP32