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ω Gem Challenges

Pick a Gem! Pick a Challenge!

Step 1:

Take a look at the prompts list of this year. Each week, pick one or two of the prompts and make one of these challenges.

Ruby Challenge: Create a Scratch project that is inspired by the theme concept of the Ruby prompt.

Sapphire Challenge: Create a Scratch project where you use the programming block of the Sapphire prompt. The project’s concept is free.

Amethyst Challenge: Create a Scratch project that combines the Ruby and the Sapphire prompts.

Step 2:

Add your project to the relevant Scratch Studio or publish it to the social media with the hashtag #Gem_Challenges

Prompts Lists

Scratch Studios

Ruby Studio

Sapphire Studio

Amethyst Studio


1. What about the challenges in different languages?

You are welcome to translate the prompts into your language and use them. If you would like this translation to be available for everyone at this site, you can contact us.

2. In our country we have national holidays and children prefer to create things inspired by these. Could the prompts list be modified?

Upon using this list with your children, you may substitute the prompts with others of your choice or propose to the children to combine the prompts with the national holiday!

3. Is it mandatory to use all the list?


4. Is it mandatory to stick to a specific color throughout the challenge?


The inspiration for the Gem Challenges came from Inktober Challenge by Mr Jake Parker