Coyote Project

Coyote Project started in September 2017 when I decided to introduce a small group of children to electronics and robotics with a series of lessons around Arduino. I chose coyote as a symbol, because for some indian tribes this was the god of creation and my aim was to prepare the children to become makers. The results were fascinating.

In September 2018 the group is wider, but now we focus on Raspberry Pi.

In October 2018 this web site is created, where the educational material from my lessons is provided freely to anyone who wants to use it.

In the same month in collaboration with Upthink we create Coyote@Upthink dojo in Votanikos, an area of Athens, which later is renamed to Votanikos dojo. Dojos are programming clubs where children from all over the world play with technology and create miracles.



My name is Manos Zeakis and I have a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Radioelectronics. I work as a Network Support engineer.

I entered the makers universe in 2013 with Raspberry Pi, but I soon tried out Arduino and ESP32 a well.

Since July 2018 I am a member of Raspberry Pi Foundation translation team, which aims to make the foundation material available to all languages, including greek. Since September 2018 I am the co-ordinator of the greek sub-team.


Certificates / Seminars

March 2018 “Build a Makerspace for Young People” (Raspberry Pi Foundation certificate)

June 2018 “3d Printing Basics” (Athens Makerspace seminar)

June 2018 “Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python” (Raspberry Pi Foundation certificate)

September 2018 “Start a Coderdojo Club” (Raspberry Pi Foundation certificate)

October 2018 “Teaching Programming in Primary Schools” (Raspberry Pi Foundation certificate)

October 2018 “CNC Router Basics” (Athens Makerspace seminar)